Vanishing Point
Video with sound
11 minutes 54 seconds

Vanishing Point connects the death of country singer Luke Bell and Edward Hopper's paintings of the American paysage. Through a translation of Hopper's painting Gas and Bell's place of death, a scene unfolds that serves as a projection of the artist's own thoughts about loneliness, memory and myth. Evoking an embodied sense of absence, a double movement, closing in and distancing itself simultaneously.

In Bell's last interview before disappearing from the public limelight due to his struggles with bipolar disorder, one of his replies linger: “I had to work really hard for a long time to get anywhere…”

Edited by
David Danell

Filmed by
Jordana Loeb
Felicia Fasanino Jansson
David Danell

Color Grading
Felicia Fasanino Jansson
David Danell

3D Animation
Henrik Söderström

Video and Recordings
Jordana Loeb reading excerpt from Jean Baudrillard, America, Verso 1988.
Ditty TV, interview with Luke Bell from the Ameripolitan Awards, 2018.
Google Earth search: Cody, Wyoming and 5500 East Grant Road, Tucson, AZ, USA.
Luke Bell, Where ya been?, Album: Luke Bell. Recorded by Bill Hill Records, 2016.
The American West, 2002. In Our Time: History, BBC, 2023.

British Museum Collection: Image and X-ray of bronze head from a statue of Hypnos.